Engineering Structures

What type of services within Engineering Structures do you provide?

We specialise in reinforcement detailing, retaining structures, and piled foundations.

What is reinforcement detailing?

Reinforcement detailing is designing and detailing reinforcement rebars so they can be easily ordered from a fabricator and delivered to a construction site ready for installation. Usually reinforced concrete structures are designed without reinforcement detailing up to RIBA Stage 3. Contractor then employs us to provide detailed reinforcement drawings which are very important in the process as they detail i.e shearing links to slabs around columns which prevent slab collapse.

What are retaining walls?

Retaining structures are usually vertical structures used to retain soil or material and surcharges associated with vehicles. Depending on the type of retained material, site constraint we design brick retaining walls, reinforced concrete retaining walls, sheet piling, stone masonry walls.

What are piled foundations?

Piled foundations are deep foundations formed by long elements made of structural steel or reinforced concrete. They transfer vertical loads from the structure to the soil at the right level. Piled foundations are used because of various reasons, in the residential sector, piled foundations are usually used to prevent differential settlement due to heave or shrinkage of cohesive soils or to transfer large loading to the deeper soils with greater load bearing capacity.