Warehouses and Commercial Structures

What is your typical process when designing the warehouse?

We want to find out the exact use case of the building to estimate the right loadings for load bearing elements. Along with the architect, we provide initial 3D designs showing how structural elements will fit within the space. Next stage includes the detailed design of connections and structural members. The last design step is manufacturing drawings for steel fabricators.

Do you get involved in refurbishment of existing warehouses?

Yes, we have helped clients to redevelop their projects in Watford, Croydon, Waltham Cross by providing consulting services, structural design drawings, calculations and fabrication packages.

What design output do you provide to your clients when designing commercial buildings?

All the warehouses are modelled in BIM to achieve full control over the project. Steel connections are designed in IdeaStatica using cutting edge optimisation tools. Fabrication packages are created in Tekla and Advanced Steel.